Strategy & organisation

Sapere’s experts bridge the gap between theory and practice and provide solutions through evidence-based advice.

Our experts have a wealth of experience in working in complex environments and engaging with multiple stakeholders. We consistently display high levels of commercial and political acumen.

What we do

Sapere Research Group provides advice to all tiers of Government and industry sector organisations, large and small companies, and particular interest groups.

We provide our clients with a strong platform of technical knowledge, proven research and analytical and consultative processes. We provide support in all aspects of strategy and organisation development including industry analysis through to product development and valuation.

Recent experience:

  • Industry studies including analysis of factor inputs, demand factors and consequent role of industry organisations and central, state or local government agencies.
  • Developed business plans and business concepts for significant industry development initiatives, for a science and technology park, a food innovation network and regional health innovation hubs.
  • Health sector industry advice including investment appraisals, long range forecasts, technology assessments, e-health initiatives, and advice on organisation structures and processes.
  • Analysing government contribution to industry development initiatives including, national cost benefit analysis of a nationally significant event, cost benefit analysis of a significant industry infrastructure proposal and design of material government interventions in a number of sectors.
  • Labour markets and workforce planning.
  • Design of organisations to meet external organisation change.