Public policy & administration

Sapere’s experts have broad experience in public policy and regulation, including in the labour market, social policy, natural resources, biosecurity, justice, health, housing, energy, regulated & networked industries (electricity, gas, airports, transport), and fisheries & seafood.

Our experts have held senior positions within Government in Australia and New Zealand. Grounded in a practical understanding of real-world issues, we have a thorough knowledge of the range of economic approaches commonly used to assess public policy and regulatory development, including welfare, new institutional, evolutionary and behavioural economics, and of market specific theory, such as labour economics. We also have particular expertise in strategy formation and decision-making in conditions of complexity and uncertainty.

We provide independent, evidence based analysis that will help to shape government direction in your policy area.

We are an approved All-of-Government provider.

What we do

Our experts use economic and financial frameworks to help our clients influence the development of public policy and regulatory regimes at both a national and sub-national level.

We provide our public sector clients with high quality expertise to support the policy development process from conception to implementation. We provide the full range of analytical services, including cost-benefit analysis, regulatory impact analysis, quantitative modelling and policy design.

Our private sector clients benefit from our close relationship with government advisors and understanding of the public policy development and decision making process. We assist our clients to influence the policy debate in their industry through authoritative research and analysis.

Recent experience:

  • Advice on the development of policy and regulatory strategies.
  • Assessment of regulatory impacts through applied business research and preparation of requlatory impact statements.
  • Evaluation of the effectiveness of government programs in the arts, regional development and health.
  • Productivity and labour market analysis.
  • Design of assessment frameworks in health, resource management and in industry development.
  • Design of Government intervention and assessment of the role of Government.
  • Preparation of Select Committee submissions on proposed legislative changes for industry bodies.
  • Comment on property rights and management of “takings” issues.
  • Secondment of a senior economist / policy analyst to a policy department to assist with high profile policy development.
  • Advice for executives on organisational structures, leadership frameworks and organisational capabilities.