Public administration & finance

Sapere’s experts help public sector managers deliver on their organisational strategies, program outcomes, and demonstrate appropriate use of taxpayer funds.

Our experts have executive experience and practical knowledge of tools and techniques to help improve public sector performance through the design, management and evaluation of policy delivery programs. Our experts have been closely involved with public sector financial reform over the decades.

Sapere’s combination of experience in economics, public policy and performance improvement means our team is able to understand your policy and implementation challenges, and address these directly through organisational or program design.

What we do

Our experts advise senior executives on the development of organisational strategies, program design, modelling and costing, performance management, governance and leadership frameworks and organisational design.

Our approach is collaborative and evidence based. We work with senior management to identify what good performance should look like for your organisation, and then provide independent review of performance against that standard. Our approach provides a strong base for future decision making.

Our financial modellers and analysts work with policy designers to undertake policy costing and help manage budget constraints. We advise on structure and management of Government balance sheets including management of on and off balance sheet exposures.

Recent experience:

  • Accountability frameworks, performance management and public service reform.
  • Financial modelling of alternative program and implementation options.
  • Advice to agencies on suitable governance arrangements for proposed new bodies.
  • Program reviews and evaluations for government agencies and funding bodies.
  • Financial modelling for contracting out options and negotiations.
  • Assistance with change management for large government agencies.
  • Appraisals of infrastructure proposals including gateway reviews for capital expenditure proposals.