Energy & natural resources

Sapere’s experts have direct experience and broad industry knowledge in the energy and natural resource sectors across Australasia. Our experts have held senior management positions in utilities, market leading firms, regulatory agencies and as Government policy advisers. We have a firm grounding in the commercial, regulatory and governance requirements of the energy and natural resource sectors.

Sapere’s experts have made significant contributions to theory and practice in energy and resource economics, as well as to legal developments through their regular work as independent expert witnesses.

What we do

Our strength is our record of independent objective analysis, including literature reviews, academic research, statistical analysis, cost benefit analysis and model based forecasting. We have successfully completed engagements in policy development, trading and risk management, strategy and business planning, organisational design, contract negotiations and project management. We assist in complex litigation and dispute resolution processes by providing independent and authoritative expert testimony.

Sapere’s experts have designed and set up frameworks for precautionary assessment of effects on natural resources such as fish stocks. We have evaluated tradeoffs in use of pool resources such as water, undertaken institutional design of environmental management agencies, and implemented collective action frameworks for management of environmental effects.

Our energy work encompasses all elements of the energy supply value chain from exploration for fuel supply through to consumer issues such as meters and tariff development.

Recent experience:

  • Advised on the energy market reforms in Australia, New Zealand, the Philippines and Singapore.
  • Provided extensive advice on the regulation and pricing of water.
  • Advised on issues relating to economic instruments used for managing natural resources including takings issues.
  • Advised on allocation systems for resources and provided expert testimony on allocation disputes.
  • Provided long range forecasts of possible effects of global warming on biosecurity risk.
  • Advised on risk management and governance for market trading teams.