Rohan Boyle

Managing Economist

P: +64 4 915 7590


Rohan is an economist adept at combining systems thinking and statistical analysis to inform his work. He has particular expertise in forecasting, econometrics and business modelling. Rohan’s recent consulting experience includes evaluating public policy interventions, market competitiveness and organisational performance.

Rohan holds a BSc (First Class Honours) in Economics and a BA from the University of Otago.

My publications

This is the second Interim report of the Evaluation of the Adult Cancer Psychological and Social Support Initiative, and follows the first Interim report. The final report is due in early 2019. The objective of this evaluation is to provide an understanding of the efficiency and effectiveness of the initiative. ...

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This financial modelling tool has been developed by Sapere experts for the use with medical practices to assess the impact of patient portal implementation on general practice costs and revenues, as well as staffing levels. The aim of the modelling is to help practices better understand the financial and workload impact of implementing a patient ...

Sapere Research Group was engaged by the Ministry of Health to evaluate and assess the Cancer Psychological Social Support Initiative, and to determine whether the service objectives were being met. This interim report is focused on the process evaluation component, in particular the roll-out and implementation of the initiative. ...

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David Moore, Tom Love, Rohan Boyle and Matt Poynton from Sapere Research Group were commissioned by Community Regions Technical Advisory Service to provide a process and outcomes evaluation of the 2012 Community Pharmacy Services Agreement (CPSA). The report examined whether the changes intended by the introduction of the CPSA eventuated; how variable such changes were; ...

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