Michael Ryan

Senior Managing Economist

P: +64 9 909 5810

E: mryan@srgexpert.com

Michael uses his economics knowledge and quantitative skills to conduct in-depth analysis to inform both public sector policy advice and private sector business strategy. He has particular expertise in forecasting, cost-benefit and welfare analysis, econometrics, market analytics and macroeconomics. Prior to joining Sapere he has had experience forecasting and modelling the New Zealand economy, working on pension fund regulation and biosecurity policy and market analysis of the United Kingdom’s electricity and the media industries.

Michael holds an honours degree in Economics from the University of Otago

My publications

Sapere Research Group was engaged by the Health Quality & Safety Commission to undertake an evaluation of the Surgical Site Infection Improvement Programme. The purpose of this interim, formative report is to identify key insights and learnings, primarily from review of documentation and stakeholder interviews, to help shape the design and planning of the next ...

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Gary Blick, Preston Davies, Kieran Murray and Michael Ryan were commissioned to analyse the potential economic benefits of ultra-fast broadband to New Zealand. Our report utilised firm-level data from official surveys to assess the potential gains in labour productivity as a result of the faster speeds associated with a fibre connection. We then translated those ...

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